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It's important to understand what this means. An argument is a claim about the meaning of a text combined with a claim about the way the text's formal features are related to its meaning.

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Thus your interpretation has to take into account both the ideas or concepts of the text, and its recursive formal features i. And it has to identify characteristics of the text that distinguish it sufficiently from other texts. In addition, your honors paper has to have a thesis that extends beyond individual literary works. Since this is a research paper, your argument must have a relationship to previous research and scholarship.

Tinapay Time #3: Asian American Studies Honors Thesis? - Summer Before Fourth Year

It isn't sufficient, for instance, to reach the exact same conclusion as a previous critic but simply point to additional evidence. Your new evidence must point to a revised conclusion. And the argument must be non-trivial. In other words, it can't simply attend to a theme or aspect of the literary work that hasn't been noticed before, and leave it at that e. You have to argue why the things you've noticed are important, e. A good critical paper anticipates what the most obvious objections, counter-arguments or counter-evidence to its thesis might be.

If you can't imagine any evidence or argument contrary to your thesis, it may not be the world's most interesting thesis. The best essay is one in which you consider how evidence or scholarship which might seem to contradict your thesis in fact supports it.

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Or you may want to leave your reader with choices e. These two perspectives appear irreconcilable".

All written work must conform to the Chicago Manual of Style, the authoritative source for the form of bibliographic citation the department has adopted. This is the format required in AMST ; no other format e. Students may consult Kate L. Be sure to use the newest editions. The deadline for all assignments is noon of the due date. Only the chair of the department can grant deadline extensions for any paper and only then under the most extenuating of circumstances.

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If a paper is late, its grade will be reduced ten points for each twenty-four hour period, or portion thereof, beyond the stated deadline. Unless an electronic version is previously agreed upon by faculty mentor and student, paper copies of the completed assignments are due at noon on the dates noted in the syllabus. Computer Crashes. Hard drive crashes and other computer woes will not be accepted as excuses for late submission. Students should, given the complexity of the research task they will pursue, be sure that they maintain adequate backup copies of all aspects of their work.

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This important opportunity for students to share results of their research is held on the last day of the fall term, Friday, December 6. Student presentations at the Symposium are organized into three-to-four paper panels moderated by a member of the history faculty and are expected to be succinct, polished minute summaries. Participation in the Symposium is a requirement of AMST and an important aspect of the program of Outcomes Assessment that the Department is required to conduct annually by the Commonwealth of Virginia.

They must, first, have a GPA in the major of not less than 3.

Senior Honors Thesis

FONT: 12 pt. Times Roman D. Must be the second page, after the title page, of the final paper. Hard copies, if required, must have a hand-written signature. If you receive services through that office and require accommodations for this class, please make an appointment with your instructor as soon as possible to discuss your approved accommodations. They will hold any information you share in strictest confidence unless you give permission to do otherwise. If you have not made contact with the Office of Disability Resources and have reasonable accommodation needs, your instructor will be happy to help you contact them.

The office will require appropriate documentation of a disability. Office of Disability Resources Lee Hall ods umw. Under Title IX and this Policy, discrimination based upon sex or gender is prohibited.