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In developed societies, women are highly literate, hold executive positions, are well aware of their rights and thus they relish recognition, high social status and a luxurious life. Perhaps, in Pakistan only a small percentage of women have access to all these things. Undoubtedly, in past few years Pakistani government has taken rigorous steps to create opportunities for women but numbers of legal, social and regional factors tend to hinder Pakistani women employment in overall job market.

Importance of women’s education

Recent researches demonstrate that workplace gender diversity helps businesses perform better and indicates that self interest and common interest can come together. Political and social support, high literacy rate, better infrastructure, access to resources, exposure to opportunities and sincerity of ruling class is must for ensuring women empowerment and consequently sustainable economic development in Pakistan. Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student. Sorry, copying is not allowed on our website.

Woman Place in Society Essay with Quotations

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Get an expert to write your essay! Get your paper now. Professional writers and researchers. Sources and citation are provided. This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by professional essay writers. This practice is called as Watta Satta which often ends in miseries and eventual breakup marriage; on both sides.

Man makes her work like an animal and beats her up whenever he feels the urge to do so. Domestic violence in the form of physical thrashing and mental torture with which woman is treated is considered to be the birth right of man. Man who is ordained to protect women by the Almighty God as per teachings of Holy Quran and Sunnah, leaves her exposed to every kind of threat, fear, misery, misfortune, indignity, uncertainty, unhappiness that one can imagine in this life.

Thirdly, women have been used as bargaining chips to resolve disputes in disgraceful customs of Swara and Vani. Swara is a custom usually practiced in tribal areas, in which woman is used as a commodity to resolve feud between two clans. Similarly, in Southern Punjab Vani is a custom practiced in order to settle blood feuds.

Women in Pakistan

Otherwise, the young bride may spend her life paying for the crimes of her male relatives. Fourthly, women face harassment in society, especially at their workplaces.

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The bosses particularly harass them. Trafficking is a worldwide phenomenon.

It is the smuggling of women for the purpose of prostitution. To correct the despicable scenario, the law men sitting in the Assemblies have off and on enacted various laws to wipe the rampant social vices and customary practices that distort the fair image of women.

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But, our history bears the testimony that commissions to uplift the status of women was made and they were not successful because they were not independent. It has remained a custom to put good laws on paper but a little effort in history has been made to implement them. The struggle of women for emancipation and against discrimination has a long history throughout the world.

Even in Pakistan, it is the high time to introduce a legal redress to ensure basic rights of women in society and to protect them against discriminatory traditions. The aim of this bill is to reduce injustice against women by discouraging several practices and customs in vogue in the country which are not only against human dignity, but also in contrast to Islamic injunctions. It is therefore, necessary that such inhumane practices and customs are done away forthwith and those who are found guilty should be dealt severely by providing penal and financial liabilities.

The Protection against Harassment of Women at Workplace, Act is also an important legislation done to protect women against harassment at workplaces. The objective of this Act was to create a safe working environment for women, which is free from harassment, abuse and intimidation with a view to fulfilling their right to work with dignity. Harassment is one of the biggest hurdles faced by the working women preventing others who want to bring themselves and their families out of poverty. This Act builds on the principles of equal opportunity to women and their right to earn livelihood without any fear of discrimination as stipulated in the constitution.

The Prevention of Domestic Violence Act, was passed unanimously by the National Assembly, but, the bill lapsed after the Senate failed to pass it within three months period required under the constitution. The domestic violence bill seeks to prevent violence against women and children with a network of protection committees and protection officers and prompt trials of suspected abusers.

The bill includes protection in public places such as markets, public transport, streets or parks and more private places such as workplaces, private gatherings and homes. The Protection of Women Criminal Laws Amendments Act was enacted to provide relief and protection against misuse and abuse of law and to prevent their exploitation. This Bill allowed rape to be prosecutable under civil law. Apart from this empowering and enlightening pro-women legislation, there has also been anti-women legislation in Pakistan in the form of Hudood Ordinance It was a step to downgrade the status of women in the name of Islam.

As for Zina, a woman alleging rape is required to provide four adult male eye witnesses. The Ordinance has been criticized as leading to hundred incidents where a woman subjected to rape, or even gang rape, was eventually accused of Zina and imprisoned becoming a victim of extremely unjust propaganda. This Ordinance gave woman the symbol of dirt, filth and mainspring under the sun has been heaped upon the poor hapless women. This was the abysmal depth where woman lay almost half dead some decades ago.

Her rights received recognition and her status was restored as an honorable member of society. Equal treatment of women and men is not just the right thing to do but it is also good for business. The need of hour hour is to rob both Pakistani men and women of the chance to improve their lives and perpetuate an unbalanced and unequal society. Following are some recommendations for the empowerment of women. Economically, it is essential to identify causes that keep women subservient to men.

One of the most critical power that men wields to keep women under his thumb. This power should be shared between the two. Joint ownership of agricultural land and all other moveable and immoveable assets should be made mandatory for a house-wife in particular. Income and wealth created by women should be her role ownership. Man should have no claim over it. Thirdly, the orientation of all public sector policies, programs and projects should be equally favorable to both men and women.

There should be no discrimination. Sociologically, the deadly customs of society will continue to have their sway so long as the inhuman system of Feudalism is not buried deep down from where it should never be able to pop up its ugly head. Feudalism is too firmly entrenched in this system.

It will be eliminated only in the wake of a revolution. Until then it is the responsibility of NGOs that should spring up like mushrooms throughout the country and to come to the help of women. Highly educated, economically independent and politically emancipated women will partly be able to look after her rights.

Feudalism has to be side-tracked to empower the women so that it refuses to be exploited by man, may he be a husband, a father or a brother. Religiously, the importance of women and their success as human beings is measured with completely different criteria in Islam, their fear of Allah and obedience to Him and fulfillment of the duties, he has entrusted them with, particularly that of bearing, rearing and teaching children.

Nevertheless, Islam is a practical religion and responds to human needs and life situations. Many women need, or wish to work for various reasons. Islam does not prohibit women working outside her home, it does stipulate that the following restrictions be followed to protect the dignity and honor of women and the purity and stability of Islamic society, the conduct of women, after all is the backbone of any society. Outside employment should not come before, or seriously interfere with her responsibilities as wife and mother. Her appearance, manner and tone of speech and overall behavior should follow Islamic guidelines.

Her job should not be one which causes moral corruption in society, or involve any prohibited trade or activity, affect her religion, morals, dignity and good behavior, or subject her to temptations. These guidelines clearly show that a woman is not prohibited to go out of her home for the purpose of a job, if she has the right intentions. The only positive development thus far remained the relatively large representation of women in National Assembly, the Senate and Provincial Assemblies in comparison to other countries.

Increased number of seats in Union, District, Provincial and Federal assemblies has partially given her reason to live meaningfully and lead an honorable life. This trend should grow to enable her participate in shaping the destiny of the nation in a big way. It goes without saying that the framing of laws and their implementation is only the first step towards reforming society and ridding it of Anti-women practices.

A continuous effort from all segments of society, including public condemnation of destructive traditions is needed to create awareness. The challenge is considerable, but it is commendable that laws have been made to strengthen women. In the nutshell it can be said that God in his infinite wisdom created women to play her role in the advancement of human affairs in her own way, and man was ordained to provide her protection so that she may perform her assigned duties with honor and respect.