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He is having a heart attack, and the woman is an angel taking him away.

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The woman is the ghost of his wife who has passed. And more, lots of great stories. Pablo Picasso, Girl Before a Mirror , This painting made me weep when I saw it the first time. Read more about it on 5 Artworks that Promote Introspection.

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  • This is a great one to have students write about at the beginning of class. I love connecting history and art. I include this piece of propaganda art on one of my tests for students to write about. In addition to discussing the power images have on our feelings and decision, the historical significance of the image is an important discussion to have with the students.

    Creepy, suspicious men and multiple perspectives make this one a fun one to talk about with students. The lone, solitary woman with the concerned expression makes us think, and why is she holding her stomach? Lots to talk about. Kara Walker, Darkytown Rebellion , This one has some sensitive subject matter. I love art that sparks opinion and discussion. Art opens up important dialogues, so I think it is important to let those happen in the classroom.

    The Four Steps of Art Criticism Lesson Plan

    After students look and figure out what is going on through art criticism, we discuss the element of the projection and how the viewer can become a part of the art by standing in between the light and the wall. It leads to some interesting thought. If you are a member of The Art Class Curator Resource Library , you can get this lesson and all of my other resources including monthly online teacher trainings for one fee. Find out more information at this link.

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    You can also buy this lesson a la carte through the below links. Hello I enjoy you art lessons. I teach three year old students and I would like to know how to show them art and I would like to know how to ask the correct questions to help them think about art. Any help would be lovely. Hi Nancy! Hope this helps! Your email address will not be published.

    Starry Night Analysis - What makes van Gogh unique? (Video Essay)

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    Analysis of Art

    This is Freedom Essay As has been described at length in these essays, from an all-loving, all-sensitive and completely happy innocent life, we humans then — for a reason we had absolutely no understanding of — turned into ferociously selfish, competitive and aggressive monsters. Essay See, for example, F. Essay 45 : Prophetic Songs.

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    Indeed, they depict what the Scottish psychiatrist R. Laing so honestly described when he wrote:. See F. Essay 48 for much more on R.

    Lain g. So while Bacon and Munch attract record-breaking prices because their honesty has immense cathartic power, it is through the art of masters such as Van Gogh and Gauguin that we are shown the radiant life that awaits humanity now that the human condition has been solved.

    Aesthetic interpretation

    Essay 15 on the transformation that is now possible for everyone. Essay 42 on cave paintings; F. Essay 43 on ceremonial masks; and F. Essay 45 on prophetic songs.