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The Era of Romanticism: Coleridge, Wordsworth & Blake

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He had to reinvent a whole new understanding of the world and of the human mind in more solid terms. Here Blake is talking about the oppression of the city of London and how the mind is chained-, which is metaphorical, but he is saying almost how the people of the city are losing their individuality.

The Era of Romanticism: Coleridge, Wordsworth & Blake | Owlcation

As a young boy he had a vision of seeing angels in the trees. These mystical visions returned throughout his life, leaving a mark on his poetry and outlook on life. His artistic talent was noticed by many and encouraged.

William Blake - ‘London’ - Annotation

At ten years old, he began engraving, he was very creative and he started his first poem Blake hated the church; he believed that the truth was learned by personal revelation, not by teaching. Blake also used metaphors, similes and personification but referring to the political problems happening, as well as problems with the city- this could be not just London but all cities in Britain at the time.

Comparison and contrast between Blake and Wordsworth’s views Sample Essay

There he is being more philosophical and pensive; there is less description and more awe of the actual city. In many of his poems, Wordsworth begins to go more and more into his own mind, not actually looking at surface appearances but looking through that sometimes into an almost trance-like state. Blake however is quite different and is deep in a different way. In contrast, Wordsworth directs his writing to the average person to write an ordinary person 's response to his or her personal experience, using a language that is specific to everyone. Both Wordsworth and Black's poems are about London, but Wordsworth's poem was written when he came to London while Black lived in London.

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Wordsworth's poem is about gorgeous costumes in London, he can see this, he wrote in the first line; "There is nothing on Earth that can act more fairly:" Praise, he likes London, but we are told that he is looking at London with that bad perspective.