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We will cover some mature topics, but our main focus will always be to point students to their relationship with Christ. Due to gravity of content and some language, this course is best suited for mature dispositions. This course includes reading comprehension and critical thinking.

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This course is designed for middle schoolers. Students will learn grammar, poetry, literature, writing, and vocabulary to build upon the skills from English I and is designed to flow into the next course English III. A great deal of growth takes place from 8thth grade, and we want students to have that nurturing time to develop prior to moving on to Advanced Composition.

Students will benefit from the continued review, reinforcement, and practice of essay forms and stylistic guidelines. This course is a survey of American Literature covering various authors and literary movements. Beginning with Puritan pastor Jonathan Edwards and ending with the writings of John Steinbeck, students will explore a variety of time periods and movements in American Literature. The main focus of the course is analyzing the works for theme, symbolism, plot and characterization. This class stretches students' abilities to think critically and analyze literature.

This course is a survey of British Literature covering various authors and literary movements. Through works such as The Canterbury Tales, Beowulf, and Great Expectations students will explore a variety of time periods and movements in British Literature. There will be projects, compositions, and in depth class discussions throughout this course. Prepare for an engaging and exciting exploration of literature! This course is designed to introduce you to the fascinating art of analyzing literature and ultimately catapult your skills from beginner to master. Poetry, drama, and novels will be our sources of discovery. We will search for a variety of literary devices such as theme, setting, characterization, symbolism, and plot. You will have the opportunity to share your growing knowledge of literary analysis and hear the insights and perspectives of fellow students through your participation in our class discussions.

You will be required to demonstrate your grasp of what you are learning through writing literary analysis compositions. Movies as Literature is a new course in which students will view 14 classic movies as they explore literary terms, analysis, and critical thinking.

Students will also read two novels, a short story, selected poetry, and elements of drama. There will be two full papers and a variety of other analysis projects throughout the 15 weeks of this course.

Writers Workshop is a course designed for middle school students to gain confidence in their skills as young writers. All types of writing from creative to expository will be addressed.

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Grammar will be covered in small segments. Editing and grammar will be explored throughout the writing process through experience with editing and revision. By focusing on the writing process, students will have fun in this semester long course that is jammed packed with creativity and great information. The course includes some direct grammar instruction, but a great deal of grammar instruction within the context of writing. The course begins by strengthening paragraph writing skills.