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In this article, we look at the procedure for purchasing Uttar Pradesh eStamp paper in detail. Stamp duty is a kind of tax that requires to be paid at the time of Uttar Pradesh property registration. This legal tax needs to be paid as proof for any purchase of immovable property or registration of deed. Stamp duty is deliberate on market value or a considerable amount of the property, whichever is higher.

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The stamp duty for Uttar Pradesh Property registration is tabulated here:. Note: Consideration amount is a total value of funds involved in any sale transaction entered between two parties.

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Stamp papers are one of the traditional ways of paying stamp duty and property registration charges. Once the non-judicial stamp papers are purchased, the property transaction details will be written or typed on that. Uttar Pradesh e-Stamp Certificate is a computer-generated alternative for conventional stamp paper.

To ignore counterfeit stamp papers and to make Uttar Pradesh property registration easy, the Government of Uttar Pradesh introduced e stamping. Uttar Pradesh e-Stamp Certificate can be used for all instruments on which stamp duty is payable. Such instrument incorporates all transfer documents such as sale deeds, mortgage deeds, exchange deeds, gift deeds, conveyance deeds, and power of attorney, deed of partition, lease deed, agreement of tenancy, leave and license agreement.

The benefits of using Uttar Pradesh e-Stamping Certificate is explained in detail below:.

The Uttar Pradesh e-Stamp certificate contains below-mentioned information. Procedure to purchase Uttar Pradesh e-Stamp paper is explained in step-by-step guidelines here:. Step 1: You have to ascertain the Uttar Pradesh property registration reference number and the rate of stamp duty payable from the concerned revenue office. We have here with attached the Uttar Pradesh e-Stamping Certificate:.

Step 4: Applicant can make the payment through any of the following ways to get Uttar Pradesh e-Stamping Certificate:. Step 5: Once the stamp duty is paid, the Uttar Pradesh e-Stamp Certificate will be generated and provided to the applicant. Step 6: In case of payment made through Cheque or Demand Draft DD , the applicant will be granted with a receipt from the counter. Step 7: After getting the debit confirmation from the appropriate bank, visit the nearest counter; submit the transaction reference issued by the bank along with duly filled the e-Stamp Application Form to get the e-Stamp certificate.

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Step 8: For registering property in Uttar Pradesh, visit the concerned registration office with the Uttar Pradesh e-Stamping Certificate along with the deed. From the homepage, page click on the verify e-Stamp certificate option. The link will redirect to new page. From the new page, select the state like Uttar Pradesh from the drop-down menu and provide following details for verification.