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BGE Walking with God, for Nietzsche, is walking with a crutch. Atheists often fail to understand the true extent of atheism.

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How could this be? The answer is this: atheists continue to embrace traditional moral principles — e.

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But what makes us equal if God is dead? For Nietzsche: nothing. Why think a freedom fighter in Syria, for example, is morally equal to a Ku Klux Klan member in Wisconsin? Our capacities and abilities to respect others, to feel pain, to empathize, and so on, are vastly different. Thus, we lack universally shared characteristics necessary for moral equality.

Atheists continue to believe in God as long as they believe that we are equal. Nietzsche also thinks belief in God binds excellence.

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Equality benefits the social order, invites mediocrity, and stamps out genuine individuality. The Judeo-Christian tradition values selflessness, humility, and weakness, and demands that everyone on Earth should embrace such values or suffer eternal consequences. But certainly not all individuals flourish while embracing Judeo-Christian values. Some individuals are exceptionally self-affirmative, prideful, and strong.

What if potentially excellent individuals were forbidden by some eternal order to feel self-affirmative, proud, and strong?

Friedrich Nietzsche

If potentially excellent individuals get duped into believing that everyone is equal, such that they never prioritize their needs and interests over the needs and interests of others, they might not become great. Belief in God hinders greatness. God is dead, Nietzsche says, and advancing humanity requires defeating the vestiges of God found in traditional morality and moral equality. Nietzsche is not merely atheist. Belief in God stifles flourishing. For Nietzsche, we should junk belief in God and focus on developing our own values, setting our own goals, and achieving personal excellence.

There are important questions to consider. Second, does belief in God indeed encourage weakness and sap self-reliance?

Third, does morality require equality, and does belief in equality require belief in God? Finally, does belief in God indeed limit the development of excellence? And if you want to speak there, very well! Before God!

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But now this god has died. And before the mob we do not want to be equal…. You higher men, this god was your greatest danger. It is only since he lies in his tomb that you have been resurrected…. Nietzsche, Friedrich. Josefine Nauckoff, ed. Thus Spoke Zarathustra , trans. Adrian del Caro, ed. Anderson, R. With what water could we clean ourselves? What festivals of atonement, what holy games will we have to invent for ourselves?

Nietzsche Contra God: A battle within

Is the magnitude of this deed not too great for us? Do we not ourselves have to become gods merely to appear worthy of it? There was never a greater deed - and whoever is horn after us will on account of this deed belong to a higher history than all history up to now! Finally he threw his lantern on the ground so that it broke into pieces and went out.

This tremendous event is still on its way, wandering; it has not yet reached the ears of men. Lightning and thunder need time; the light of the stars needs time; deeds need time, even after they are done, in order to be seen and heard. This deed is still more remote to them than the remotest stars - and yet they have done it themselves! As an atheist, Nietzsche did not believe in God.

Many still throw around the old moral injunctions in secular society, and for the sake of the secular public square, often attempt to justify them with some other foundation—e. Others oppose gay marriage on the basis that history has shown that reserving marriage for a man and a woman is best for the health of a society.

And others say that we should impose regulations on businesses for the apparently self-evident reason that we should protect the environment for future generations. He received his B. Thomas MN , and his M.