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Better Essays words 2. I know that there is no way I would be who I am today without them. My family loves me and has taught me most of what I know about how to live. Friends have taught me so much more about myself than I could ever have imagined; how to laugh at myself, how to love myself, how to learn from my mistakes, etc. All these people in my life have given me so much and I have in return offered what I have to give This paper will focus on what it means to say that virtue is necessary but not a sufficient condition for eudaimonia.

This paper will attempt to show that the claim that virtue is necessary but insufficient for eudaimonia.

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For something to be necessary but insufficient for another thing means that it must be present in order to achieve the other thing, but its presence doesn 't guarantee that other thing Better Essays words 4 pages. However, how to define and obtain happiness has and continues to be a widely debated issue. In Nicomachean Ethics, Aristotle gives his view on happiness. Aristotle focuses particularly on how reason, our rational capacity, should help us recognize and pursue what will lead to happiness and the good life.

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Aristotle evaluates the question of whether friendships should or should not be broken off when the other individual changes a sense of personality. Friendship is impossible when there is too great a gap between people and often two friends will grow apart if one becomes more virtuous than the other Better Essays words 3. Unfortunately, nobody told these people that happiness cannot be purchased and our possessions will fade no longer keep our interest. As we engulf ourselves in our daily busy work, our relationships are becoming strained and we are distancing ourselves from real happiness.

We are seeking the means of work and money as an end, and we are chasing the wrong things in life Better Essays words 6 pages. He has held throughout Nicomachean Ethics that the ultimate good must fit three criteria; it must be complete, self-sufficient and the fully human. Aristotle arrives at what he believes may have the potential of being the ultimate good.

He believes that the contemplative life fits the three conditions of the ultimate end of all things. But too many people struggle with being truly happy.

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Fortunately, there are plenty of strategies people can use to create happiness, or at least strive for it. The procedure is quite simple, believe it or not. One must have a conviction to be happy no matter what trouble life throws at them. Happiness is a special feeling, something that comes to those who expect it and, therefore, deserve it.

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Having gratitude — the quality of being thankful; a readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness — is another way people of all cultures cultivate happiness. Instead of focusing their mental and spiritual energy on negative things, like bills, financial problems, health issues, happy people focus on being alive and not decrepit, having people to love and support them, waking up in the morning, having a purpose of pursuing, being able to breathe and think and eat and pray and love. They are grateful for anything and everything. Happy people make gratitude a daily habit, even a ritual.

The Control of Happiness

Albert Camus. People are so lonely much of their lives that they fail to recognize toxicity in their relationships.

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Cynical, selfish, and untrustworthy people do their friends more harm just by being around them. Life is pretty lonely, and people are lonely.

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Some people die alone soon after they are brought into this world. They focus on building healthy, happy relationships with people because they know how essential relations are to their quality of life, if not only for this reason. People need the company of others to reduce their feelings of loneliness, which could likely cause one to dwell on negative things, like death, problems, and hardships, etc.

So people must be conscientious and picky and skeptical when getting close to people and allowing strangers into their lives. Not everyone has good intentions.


It happens to the best people out there. Happiness also is dependent upon how one spends their time, as in their job.

This means that to be happy, one may have to make crucial decisions regarding the job or career they choose. In conclusion, happiness can most certainly be found — and not just momentary pleasure, but genuine, long-lasting happiness, which is not something that comes to a person randomly. In fact, most people have to work very hard for a very long time to finally find happiness, to create the best possible version of it.