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Every festival have their own specially. Free essay samples Essays Hari Raya Festival. Hari Raya Festival 10 October We will write a custom essay sample on.

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    The 10 Unmissable Festivals And Events This Summer In Penang, Malaysia

    Cultural festivals in Malaysia Wjec gcse french coursework are usually sample thesis on gay marriage very colourful, exciting, and portray attraction essay the spirit of compare contrast essay term paper unity and togetherness, despite essay about thaipusam the diversities of cultures and. Alternate presentations: cinematic Thaipusam essay about thaipusam photoessay.

    Batu Caves.

    Best Malaysian street food festival in Malaysia Penang - Amazing Awesome Malaysian foods!

    Sweets After fasting one vegetarian meal a day for 48 days leading up to the festival, these sweets invite devotees to indulge many of their senses--mostly their eyes. Batu caves statue En route to the Batu Caves. Worshipper Looking down as he hikes up to celebrate the birth of Murugan, the god of war and victory. Tamil girl At the festival, this Tamil girl looks to the steps she will have to climb to celebrate with her fellow devotees.

    Little Indian girl How many more steps until we reach the top?

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    Led up the steps A little boy is led up the steps. Climbing stairs One foot and one finger at a time, with his head painted, heart open, and soul curious, he climbs all steps to the top of the Batu Caves. Batu caves Welcome to the Batu Caves.

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    Indian woman Inside the caves, this Indian woman watches her children as they dance around with smiles. Little boy Eyes wide open, readying himself for the festival. Worshipper Worhsipers usually will carry kavadi burdens. Dancer For 48 days leading up to the festival, devotees fast by taking only one vegetarian meal a day.

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    Ceremony At one with each other and their devotion. Posted In.

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