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There are nine kids on my mom's side. Each person gets presents from our grandma and their godparents. After we open presents we play with them if we can. There is a lot of food to eat. On Christmas we go to my Grandparents' house. Everybody is there, we open presents, have a scavenger hunt, and play games together. Everyone picks a name out of a bowl and we buy a present for whoever we pick and you can't tell anybody! Every year for Christmas we celebrate on both sides of the family. On my mom's side we play grab-and-steal and open presents.

On my dad's side we play with all our cousins. Christmas is special to me because the families are together to celebrate Jesus Christ. We eat lunch, play games, talk and open Christmas gifts. My cousins and I usually play tag, hide-and-go-seek, and make paper airplanes. For lunch, we usually eat turkey, ham, potatoes and pie. My family gets together to cut down our Christmas tree.

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Then my dad, my mom and my sister decorate the tree together. Then on Christmas I open presents with my family. On Christmas day we spend time with my relatives. Every Christmas my family and I go to my Grandma Janine's house. When we get there we always wait for everyone before we open presents. Then when we open presents we go youngest to oldest. Finally we eat dinner and play with all our toys together and just visit together! On Christmas Eve we go to church to celebrate Jesus' birth.

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After church we travel to my grandma's house for supper. Then we leave for home and go to bed. In the morning we begin tree hopping with the family. It is a special time for me because I get to spend time with my cousins. Later we go to my Grandma's house and have brunch!!!

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I love Christmas!!!! On Christmas Eve we always go to church. Then when Mass is over we go to one of my aunts and uncles house and celebrate Christmas. Finally, we go to Grandma and Grandpa's and celebrate the rest of the day. On Christmas day my family goes to my Grandparents home. We always buy gifts for each other. After we give everyone their gift we have breakfast.

When we finish there we go over to my other grandparents home. There we like to go and give everyone their gift. It makes me feel good that I could give my family a nice gift. On Christmas Eve we go to my grandma's house for supper. Then we watch TV to see where Santa is so we can get home to sleep. After that we go home and climb into bed before Santa arrives. The next morning we share our gifts with each other and thank God for giving us life each day. I am so thankful for Christmas because we celebrate Jesus' birthday!

On Christmas Day I go to my grandma's and visit with relatives. Our family eats together after we go to Mass. I like giving gifts and seeing the looks on people's faces. Christmas isn't all about gifts. It's about thanking Jesus and sharing love with one another. On Christmas Day in the morning my brothers, sister, and I get up early and go look at all the presents we have. When my parents get up we open presents and then the whole family makes breakfast together. Later in the day we go to my grandparents house and my grandpa makes a special ice cream drink.

On Christmas Day I get to spend time with my aunts, uncles and cousins that don't live around here. I like spending time with my cousins because we do a lot of fun things together. Every year we celebrate Christmas at another relative's home. On Christmas we go to Mass. On Christmas Eve we go to church with some of my cousins. After mass we go to my grandma's house. We pray, eat, and then go home to sleep.

The next day we open our gifts and talk with our parents. Later we go to my grandma's house again and celebrate Jesus' birthday. After that we go to my aunt and uncles' house to open more gifts.

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Next we give our thank you's, hugs and kisses and then we eat. We talk and then we go home. Every Christmas Eve we go to Mass. When we return home we eat a special Christmas meal in honor of Jesus.

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Then we open our presents. I love to give my family presents. Sometimes on Christmas we go to my cousins and give them gifts. The best part about Christmas is giving.

I like to give because it makes me and others feel good. Have a very merry Christmas. On Christmas Eve is a good time to celebrate our King, Jesus.

My family usually sings and prays to God if we're going to have a good day. Usually on Christmas Eve my family has cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate. We unwrap presents a while after that. We get really excited! We really want to thank God for this day! For my family Christmas isn't about all the presents you get. It's celebrating Jesus' birthday. My mom, dad, brother, sister and I always go to church on Christmas as a family. We get all our relatives together and have a nice meal. We pray before we eat and thank God for everything we have.

My family loves celebrating Jesus' birthday with all my relatives. On Christmas Eve I go to my mom's side of the family to exchange gifts and eat supper. On Christmas Day I attend mass and then go open presents.

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After that I travel to my dad's side of the family and give and receive gifts. We eat lunch there. After lunch I play with my cousins. Christmas Eve is when we gather together as a family and celebrate the day Jesus Christ was born. It is a very merry time! I also like going with my family to my Grandma Lamers house and have good hot chocolate!

Happy birthday Jesus our Savior! Merry Christmas to all! On Christmas Eve we go over to my Grandma Jan's and eat supper and also catch up with what's going on in our lives. On Christmas Day my whole family runs downstairs and opens presents.

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