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Following the call for investigation over the Roanoke branch operations, I conducted a person visit of the branch and looked at the problems that are affect the branch. Furthermore, the sales of the branch are 5. Statement of Purpose. I am expected to be graduating in October as a doctor of medicine. I can proudly say that I have been one of the highest ranked students in my class. I believe I have gained the requisite […].

Labor and Delivery Services. The labor and delivery services are those services that are offered in the hospitals to the pregnant women during delivery such as the medical care and surgery. As a member of the committee for the hospital, I think the hospital within the Bright Road health care system should continue to deliver the labor and delivery […]. Spontaneous Bilateral Adrenal Hemorrhage. That analysis between health systems in the two countries has always favored the Canadian context. However, statistics are the only prove we need to justify that indeed the universal health insurance system in Canada has managed to keep Canadians much healthier.

A look at the principles that govern the Canadian health care system reveals that, the government makes a deliberate effort to serve the entire population based on five principles: non profit provision of health insurance services, provision of all necessary health services, serving the entire population, making the services accessible and ensuring that all jurisdictions across the country are covered Turner, John, From the above description and seeing that every Canadian national is catered for by the universal health insurance, one would expect that most doctors in Canada are employed by the state.

However, this is not always the case. The governing laws however see to it that even the physicians on private practice do not pass on the cost burden to the citizenry. As such, private practicing physicians consulted by the citizenry, invoice the state for their services.

Health Care" Right or Privilege" Essay Example

This in turn ensures that the prices are regulated as the government can negotiate prices with the doctors Turner To the Americans, the idea of universal healthcare is enviable, but as every body knows, the devil is always in the details. Determining whether the United States should adopt a strategy where the government controls most hospitals or one where the government pays health providers for services provided to the citizenry is always a contentious issue Herzlinger, Regina While the indecision continues however, the citizenry continues to suffer because a significant percentage cannot afford private health insurance and therefore lack the ability to clear hospital bills.

In the liberalized market represented by the United States systems, the more than health care insurance providers lack comprehensive covers thus making healthcare even more costly for the people. In Canada, health providers just deal with one insurer, who in this case happens to the government. The government on the other hand is accountable to the citizenry. Should the level of healthcare be allowed to fall, the government is to ultimately answer to the electorate when the election year comes.

History has it that Canadians are extremely proud of their universal health care. So much was their pride in it that they thought that the outstanding difference between them and the Americans was the fact that they could go to hospitals without worrying about the charges, while their American counterparts had to hope that the insurance providers will hold to the end of their bargain Herzlinger, It is of concern to the American physicians that should the universal healthcare system be adopted in the country, they would earn less than they do today.

Their fears are justified since their Canadian counterparts earn less Robinson, Sara. However, does the need to immerse wealth justify the health complications dogging the American population today? What happened to society upholding the dignity of human life above all else? Another argument is that as opposed to the Canadian doctors who just file their invoices to the government and receives payments without having to hassle about it, the American doctors have to subdivide their time between professionalism and dealing with health insurers, who raise such a scene before they can agree to pay up.

Is Health Care a Right or a Privilege? Essay

Is it no doubt that the Canadian doctors love their jobs more than their neighboring colleagues? In fact, a good working environment in their country makes them focused and therefore the patients are assured of quality care. The tragedy of the American situation is that the doctors in this country are more exposed to legal suits from patients than their American counterparts. A botched medical procedure may make a patient insurance.

To ensure that this is done, the patient seeks legal redress. In Canada however, a botched medical procedure does not only get paid for by the government, but future fixing of the same is also catered for. The Canadians therefore have fewer lessons to sue since; after all, they will be covered for a lifetime.

Another positive addition to the Canadian Universal health insurance arrangement is the fact that the poor, the old, the young, the rich and people of all gender and races get to have access to the same doctors. In America, your health insurance cover dictates whether you can access specialist doctors. This creates discrepancies in the social fabric, whereby only those who can afford it get specialized treatment.

Health Care is Not a Right

Some Americans thinks that the universal health care would curtail their freedom to choose their own doctors, but nothing could be further from the truth. In Canada, every one has the leeway to choose their doctors. The future strength of any country lies on children being born today. Giving new born children a chance to survive is therefore among the indicators that countries judge how well their respective healthcare systems are performing. Just as one would expect considering the different systems in Canada and the United States, Canada does better than the United States in this indicator too Holsoko and Marvin 8.

This was despite the fact that the United States has neonatal hospital beds and neonatologists that Canada.

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While Canada registers 4. What better prove do people need to believe that the US healthcare system needs to be addressed immediately?

The universal care system in Canada has managed to standardize charges in the health sector. However, this does not mean that the overall government expenditure is any less. The Canadian government however justifies its spending by the virtues that an entire population benefits from it. There have been measures to restrict spending, something that has left the Canadians dissatisfied. Overall, however, the approach by the Canadian government is better than the US approach, which tries to control its spending on healthcare by establishing policies that will lower government expenditure.

This approach does nothing to the cost of heath care. Your guess about who suffers in this form of arrangement is as good as mine. Government accounts for only 40 percent of all health expenditure Mueller, Keith 41 , while the private sector caters for the rest. When the government seeks to minimize its expenditure rather than regulate the cost across the divide, the private sector and individual people who fund for healthcare from their savings stands to make more loses.

Healthcare is a right, not a privilege.

As a result, maladies go untreated and the suffering among those who can ill afford the rising cost of healthcare increase significantly Mueller despite efforts by the government to address healthcare concerns for the poor, retirees, children and the marginalized people in the society. The American strategy always falls short of the wholesome services offered by the Canadian universal health insurance.

Worse still, attempts by the government to establish Medicare and Medicaid have only served small groups but have far reaching consequences such as dissatisfied doctor, patients and payers Brown, L. David 5. Americans may argue that the Canadian approach is not as good as people paint it to be. With the long waiting lists and the bickering in the media about the failing healthcare services, someone is not having a comfortable night.

As such, the media plays a watchdog role; where even things that would otherwise pass unreported in the United States make headlines in Canada Robinson, Sarah. One of the greatest misdoings for the United State is the deep distrust that people have on public power. Further, their unwillingness to redistributing anything that they think was earned through sacrifice and labor Brown, L.

David 3. As such, the united states not only lacks the political will to find ways of administering universal healthcare, but the citizenry too are not particular about the need for equal health services and the obligation that the government should have towards the health of the general population. Because of this, the public is unable to push the government towards universal principles in health. Wherever the need arises, the government offers categorized solutions like was the case with Medicare and Medicaid.