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The design has been conducted in collaboration with L Architects Ltd.

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This thesis presents a schematic design and produces the necessary documents and visualizations to communicate the concept. Dense and Transluscent: Planning a Wardrobe Exhibition.

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This design project is commissioned by The Finnish National Opera, and to serve them best as an interior designer, Julia does background research about building directives, recommendations and regulations. She also makes a comprehensive analysis about the foyer space and finds the best way to use it for the exhibition.


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BFA Interior Design Thesis Exhibition 2018

This could be a specific group, class of materials, or a technique. Finally, you might consider searching for a specific outcome which has not been achieved by anyone else. Remember that the idea you end up using for your thesis must be something you have the expertise and resources to explore.

As you are reviewing this list, keep in mind that you should search for several possible ideas at first, rather than one perfect idea. Being open to possibilities, no matter how off the wall they might be, will help you to find something that you are passionate about.

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You can consider a variation on an existing theme or find a different approach to an existing problem. This will open up many avenues of exploration that can lead you to the perfect thesis topic.

20 Interior Design Thesis Topics

Remember that a big part of this writing process is the ability to defend the work that you have done later on. Your topic needs to be something which can be easily managed given your location and the resources you have available.

Remember that the size of your topic can be a difficult measure to pinpoint. You want to make sure that the topic is manageable but you do not want to be limited while you are conducting research.

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SVA Interior Design Thesis: The Garage by Danielle Kachler » Laser Cutting — Kickstarter

List Of 16 Best Dissertation Topics Related To Interior Design Interior designing is an interesting and creative process in which art and technology both come into play. The title of your assignment needs to be engaging, so that you can build the curiosity of your audience If you are looking for a strong title for your interior design dissertation, then you should consider these ideas.

Topics worth considering for a dissertation in interior design Interior design in schools- why is it important to have an environment that helps us to study Can designing improve your moods and stimulate the mind for learning What is the best interior design possible to stimulate minds and provide a learning environment in schools Does interior designing matter in the corporate world?

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