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Your next step is an assessment of your evaluation essay outline. Please, keep in mind that some professors require it to be submitted along with the paper, and some don't.

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It is wrong, however, to treat writing an outline as a mere formality. Putting your thoughts into the framework of the academic structure, you actually build up your essay's skeleton. This practice is essential for shaping your cognitive skills. This is why do not allow laziness to take control of you. Write an outline before you start on the essay itself.

Once you have an outline, it goes to show that you can write much easier. Here is a very rough and generalized draft of an outline for an evaluation essay:. Once you have done the research, developed your outline, and made up your mind as for your criteria, it is time for you to write the draft. For many, this point is a very challenging one. As soon as you begin, it becomes much easier to write. Yet, the take-off is a real trick. Certainly, after you make the outline, you should begin writing your essay with an evaluation essay introduction.

It needs to be not formal, but, on the contrary, intriguing and engaging. Consider starting your introduction paragraph with a hook, something that will catch your reader's attention and make them continue reading. The next thing is providing general information on the subject. That's where you buttress up your points of view by facts and properly quoted citations.

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Then your evaluation essay thesis statement comes. Try to articulate your main idea as clearly as possible. Lastly, you will introduce your criteria, a thorough analysis of which will form the body section.

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In this part, each paragraph is an introduction of a separate criterion. There will be a paragraph for every criterion you have. In some cases, when your essay is supposed to be a rather long one, it is possible to have two paragraphs for each criterion, or just some of them. Certainly, you finish your evaluation essay with a conclusion.

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But remember a few essential rules:. A proper evaluation essay conclusion is expected to recap your thesis statement and your criteria. For example, if you were surprised to discover that the smartphone you were evaluating had a battery life of three days, odds are your reader is interested in that, too.

Evaluation Essay

Many writers forget to mention why their review is valuable or useful. For example, if you were evaluating the quality of a new home alarm system, you could write about the importance of safety and security. This approach can give your readers a sense of meaning and purpose, which may make them keep reading. A critical evaluation essay involves writing about the quality and value of something, such as a book, movie, sporting event, restaurant or product. Tell a brief story about a poignant moment in the book or film you reviewed, or recap the heart-stopping home run during the baseball season you evaluated.

Providing historical context can be a smart way to start a critical evaluation essay.

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