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I n t e g r a t i v e P a p e r P y t e l l 2 Introduction During my first quarter at Central Washington University while taking ADMG I have been able to develop my own personal definition of leadership as well as what makes a good leader. This paper will demonstrate the skills learned during the course. This has enabled me to identify both my dependable strengths as well as identify my areas of weakness.

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During the many weeks of lectures we covered many different theories of leadership, however the one that stuck out has been Machiavellianism. After conducting many hours of research, it can be seen how Machiavellianism is still used by management in large corporations like Walmart.

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Personal Definition of leadership For me leadership is the ability to guide a group or organization towards a common goal in a way that promotes a healthy and positive development of each individual. My belief is that leadership should be comprised of a strong moralistic and ethical framework.

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There should be an ever changing world view and an openness to new ideas or methodology. Now there is good leadership and bad leadership, but in order for it to be good leadership there should be a heightened sense of emotional intelligence as well as the ability to adapt to ever changing conditions without straying from the vision that was agreed upon by all the leaders.

As Travis Box of I n t e g r a t i v e P a p e r P y t e l l 3 Self-Assessment Summary Self-assessment is, well to say it plainly, not an easy task. I tend to be over critical of how I am or rather who I am. Actually this is part of my current life journey or rather goal, to truly discover who I am due to the fact of feeling so lost for so many years.

Now this may not really mean anything to the average person, but it is actually like a key to unlocking the complex mystery that is me. When people first meet me they often get a different impression until they stop to actually get to know me. Now this sounds really bad when you first hear it. As they Say looks can be deceiving.

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In the fall of I came to realize that I perform really well in High stress situations. During one of my shifts as a security guard at a Circle K in Albuquerque NM an armed man came in the store. Although I could have remained hidden in the cooler in fear, a sense of calm came over me and I purposely put my own life at risk in order to keep the other employees safe. When looking at the Big 5 this is actually a great trait to have. It shows that not only can I perform well in high stress situations, but that I have a talent for controlling my emotional state.

I tend to be a very open person which enables me to adapt quickly to changing situations.

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  • This was very useful during my previous career due to the fact everyday meant something new. I n t e g r a t i v e P a p e r P y t e l l 4 For instance while working at the mall in Aurora Colorado, everyday presented new challenges in the way of dealing with the general public. The policies and procedures were constantly changing due to mall management and office politics. Now when it comes to politics, even though I am not a fan, I seem to have a natural ability to use just the right amount of tact. I tend to be able to come to an agreement rather easily and generally can persuade people to do the right thing or make the right decision.

    Professional Integrative Paper Sample

    Also when communicating with customers I generally am very empathetic which shows them that I care about their needs. Being a very open person and constantly seeking new knowledge, aids in the evolution of my word view and growth of my level of emotional intelligence. I seek knowledge so that I may grow as a person and gain new perspectives from other people I meet. For me emotional intelligence has become a very important part of my life. It has helped me to identify moments when I need to be more outgoing. To tell you the truth I use it every time I start procrastinating or am dreading a deadline.

    By learning to recognize which behaviors or traits I am bad at and knowing how to adapt them to the current situation. I still have low self-esteem and am kind of hiding at home at the moment and not socializing, but with the skills that I have learned in the past couple of years, I am able to try to modify my behaviors a lot better. So in the end having good emotional Intelligence can set a person up for a lot of success. Another weakness that I have is I tend to procrastinate which creates a lot more stress when trying to meet my deadlines. I have to constantly psych myself out in order to remain productive and positive on a daily basis.

    This at times is a very tiring but necessary process, but by doing so I am able to keep myself in check. I n t e g r a t i v e P a p e r P y t e l l 5 Machiavellianism Throughout this quarter we have covered many different leadership theories and styles which have been developed over the years. However the one that has interested me the most is Machiavellianism. The reason this really grabbed my attention is even though we are a society that strives for great leadership, corporations, like Walmart, and their management still utilize Machiavellian tactics to keep their power over our society.

    Morality is of no concern according to his theory as long as the goal is reached. Basically they use fear and manipulation to accomplish tasks in general. Many leaders who use these tactics are often there first to take praise and last to take blame.

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    This can be seen when examining how powerful Walmart has become and the control it has on many local populations. Colonies do not cost much, and with little or no expense a prince can send and maintain them. In so doing he injures only those whose fields and houses have been taken away and given to the new inhabitants, who are only a small part of that dominion. Those he injures, finding themselves scattered and poor, can never be a threat to him; and all the others remain uninjured on the one 6.

    I n t e g r a t i v e P a p e r P y t e l l 6 hand, and because of this they should remain peaceful, and on the other hand are afraid of making a mistake, for fear that what happened to those who were dispossessed might happen to them. Machiavelli, , p. He way that they do this is they find out what products the local shops are carrying and drop their prices so low that their competition can not keep up, once the local business closes they raise their prices knowing people will pay and keep coming because now the local economy can not survive without them.

    Now you may say that this is simple economics, however when you look at the management practices that have led to multiple lawsuits you start to see the bigger picture. One such lawsuit was Barnett v. Wal-Mart Employment Discrimination Lawsuit which was initially filed in in our great state of Washington.

    A lot of times workers who complained were subjected to a reduction in their scheduled hours every week.

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    Because a lot of people feared that they would be fired, they would just keep quiet. This in its self was the perfect example of the Machiavellian management being practiced at Walmart. I n t e g r a t i v e P a p e r P y t e l l 7 Walmart Management has repeatedly broken the law knowingly just so that they can increase profitability. This brief introduction leads the writer into a review of each of the pertinent areas that must be explored to gain an understanding of the many facets associated with the subject of interest.

    It is through these transitions that the reader begins to understand the larger picture. While discussing the findings within a pertinent content area the writer should:. If the review is multifaceted and challenging for the reader to make all the necessary connections the writer should provide a summary section prior to the conclusion. The summary section should present the key points that resonated from your review of each pertinent area presented. As a faculty member, I have found that reviewing my expectations with regard to the integrated paper at the beginning of the semester provides the students with a clear road map for success.

    Constructing a grading rubric that coincides with these expectations also adds clarity to the process for the student.

    But clearly, writing an integrated paper requires reflection and critical thinking , plus ample time to organize your thoughts in both a non written and written format and a willingness to write multiple drafts. Thanks a lot!