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The bus itself and the riders on it serve as a perfect example of how middle to lower class people often find entertainment in simple things like the sing-a-long of the trapeze song, one of my favorite scenes in the film. The fact that they can all join in the song shows that they have a lot in common besides the actual bus ride. When Peter tells Ellie that he knows who she is and that she is on the lam, she quickly tries to bribe him.

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This shows her, as the representative of the upper class, willing and able to buy anything. In this instance, he is the one with the pride and the one who is principled as he just wants to write a good story.

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Not to mention he is always the gentleman, never taking advantage of her sexually although he has plenty of opportunities. He defends and ensures her virtue. Another interesting thing that happens between classes is shown by many facets of this film — that is the preconceived notions we all have about other classes or other people who are different from ourselves.

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We often pre-judge people by the expectations we have, even before knowing anything concrete about them. As such, he completely expects the rich, spoiled brat and so he sees her that way from the onset, and she completely expects that he is out for the money and so sees him that way.

That is that moral superiority or attitude is in complete conjunction with need and circumstance. In other words, it is very easy to make moral decisions when never faced with adversity or need.

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This message is universal and still pertinent today. As perspectives change, so may morality go down the tubes. In accordance to how they are judged in the first place, anyway. The performances are wonderful as is the story.


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You are commenting using your WordPress. What's Up With the Ending? Shock Rating. Ever notice that every blockbuster movie has the same fundamental pieces? A hero, a journey, some conflicts to muck it all up, a reward, and the hero returning home and everybody applauding his or On the RoadIt Happened One Night happens off the coast of Miami and in New York, but most of all it takes place on the road between these two places—and at various campgrounds along the way.

The story in Capra's film unfolds in a pretty linear way, though at first we have some catching up to do—which is why there's so much exposition given upfront during the first scene, on the priva Romantic ComedyYou know you love it, even if you may be ashamed to admit it. At least Harry Cohn, the fearsome head of the cut-rate Columbia Pictures, was amenable to the project.

The Depression was about to enter year five, millions of people were still on the road looking for work, and a bus was much cheaper than a train.

It Happened One Night

Surely this meant the public might find a pleasing identification with bus riders on-screen. Universal was making something called Cross Country Cruise , with said cruise also taking place on a bus. Constance Bennett was interested only if she could buy the whole story. Warner Bros. Carole Lombard was making Bolero. Mayer had suddenly gone all milk-of-human-kindness but because Gable was on the rise and making noises about wanting more money.

Film Review- It Happened One Night

Gable reacted by according to Capra getting plastered before the first preproduction meeting and informing his director that Columbia might as well be Siberia. Riskin and Capra had originally wanted to buy the rights to Mutiny on the Bounty as a follow-up to their previous collaboration, the hit Lady for a Day , but the studio told them the property cost too much. Preparations for It Happened One Night probably made a nice desert island look pretty good.

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  • Somehow they all powered through, and the artists involved were too smart not to suspect, after a while, that they might be on to a good thing. Even after it was released, It Happened One Night encountered some bumps. Reviews were mostly good, but attendance in big cities dropped steeply in the second week, and it was pulled. Smaller theaters still showed the film, though—and kept showing it, week after week, as audiences came back again and again to relive their favorite bits.

    When film artists set out to make a Deeply Serious Masterpiece, sometimes they bore people to death.