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The next paragraph could discuss how healthier food can also taste better using quotes from a home economics teacher. Some persuasive writing assignments require middle school students to include a rebuttal paragraph in which the writer anticipates possible counter claims against the thesis and uses evidence to explain why the counter claims are not valid. The closing is the last chance the student has to make a memorable statement about the topic that will convince the reader to think or act differently, focusing on a call to action in a sentence or two that states the change the student has argued for in the essay.

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For example, a persuasive essay about cafeteria food could end with "The principal and school board should require the middle school cafeteria to revise its menu to reflect healthy choices that will also be popular with students who eat there every day. David Raudenbush has more than 20 years of experience as a literacy teacher, staff developer and literacy coach.

He has written for newspapers, magazines and online publications, and served as the editor of "Golfstyles New Jersey Magazine.

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The database based on Word Net is a lexical database for the English Language. For example, a student who disagrees with a "no hats" policy might learn that hats are disruptive, can conceal faces and are generally unnecessary. However, this same student could craft an argument that hats hide bad hair days thus lessening anxiety and providing comfort , and that students who take others hats are disruptive, not the other way around. In crafting this argument, the student and teacher may reach an agreement that allows hats during specific times of the day, such as during silent reading time.

In doing so, not only does the child get what he wants, but he also learns a powerful lesson about compromise.

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Teachers can test their students' imaginations and persuasive writing skills by assigning a topic revolving around additions to their school campus. For example, students could choose to argue for the addition of a swimming pool or better school lunches. In doing so, students would have to think objectively and decide if the addition would benefit everybody or just a select few. Furthermore, they would have to evaluate whether the addition would actually be a benefit at all, or if it is just something they want.

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Students who argue for better school lunches could be instructed to evaluate their definition of "better"; for example, they would have to consider whether better means tastier, healthier or both. The addition of a soda machine would not be considered healthy, no matter how much the students may want one. However, the addition of a "make your own hoagie" station would allow students to make their own choices regarding their eating habits and would add variety to the cafeteria menu.

Requiring students to think objectively guides them toward making arguments that are relevant and meaningful. Cell phone use is a hotly debated topic in today's classrooms.

Should drivers be allowed to use cell phones while they are behind the wheels? Should the internet be made free for every one? Should pets be allowed in school? If so what are the limitations that should be imposed? Should you be allowed to stay at home alone? Should I be adding teachers as friends on any social networking sites?

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Should schools do away with conforms? Should tragedy be met with humor or grim determinedness? Should students be made to participate in extracurricular activities or it should be kept as an option? Should video games with violent content be made illegal?


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Should the media report violent crimes as it is or the graphic content be toned down? Should the censor board restrict all kinds of entertainment that glorifies criminal lifestyles? Should newspaper be more conservative when it comes to publishing jokes and cartoons on religious figures?

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