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To investigate the reality of MMC house building. To evaluate the impact of MMC house building. The main field research will be case studies together with survey data based on primary information sources. The final chapter then draws conclusions from the analysis in each of the chapters in order to address specific issues raised in the introduction. These reports along with CLG initiatives have offered a solution, that is the use of MMC to reduce construction time, waste, and offer more affordable and greener homes.

What do Modern Methods of Construction look like in 12222?

These claims support the suggestion that MMC is the best way to provide modern architecture to the masses. It is understood not every MMC follower makes every one of these claims. However, they are universal enough that this dissertation is going to address them as the claims of the industry as a whole. From these issues the aims and objectives have provided the formation of the following chapters which will lead you through to the final conclusions and recommendations for additional research.

It is noted that this is largely a technical study, not really looking at the current climate. This is followed by a breakdown of the key players within the UK MMC home building market and short reviews of their work. Other key players may be within the UK, however, research has not revealed any to date.

The Sears Roebuck index made and offered prefab homes to the public as early as , and Prefab was later explored by famous twentieth century architects, such as, Walter Gropius, Le Corbusier, Marcel Breuer, Frank Lloyd Wright, who saw the method as a likely solution to the dilemma of housing in modern society. Interest in Prefab grew in the first half of the twentieth-century, with the outburst of manufacturing expertise and the creation of the assembly line. Historically the mention of prefabricated houses invokes memories of housing built to cover in the temporary a deficiency of housing in the UK following the World Wars.

See, for example, Crisp A staggering 1 million of these homes were built during the 20th century and more than half a century on, many are still standing despite no foundations. A few are listed while others have been demolished. Robin Bell: An example can be found by looking at the Catford estate. They are just large sheds really and taking up a lot of space. They should really be demolished. See, for example, Flickr Photo 7 - Prefabulous.

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Elisabeth Blanchet: Date unknown The facts presented above would suggest that MMC is more broadly based than prefabrication, as it engages people and process to seek improvement in the delivery and performance of construction, not just a product. Some panels also come complete with wiring and plumbing.

A sneak peek into the survey findings

These are used mainly for bathrooms and kitchens where fittings are added in the factory. MMC can also include pioneering on site techniques, for example concrete moulds. A variety of materials are used for MMC, the most widespread being steel and concrete. It is important to understand that the fundamentals of MMC are common throughout various types of construction. However, it is arguably that it is amount of off site manufacturing that has increased over recent years that has re-triggered much interest in this area.

The average car contains about 3, components.

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A house, by comparison, has about 40, This again in looking at Lean Construction method. Breaking the house down into separate parts which can bf produced off-site and then brought to site and put together like a puzzle which is what MMC is all about. Yet in the construction of new houses in the UK fell to its lowest level since the Second World War.

In only 37 per cent of new households could afford to buy a property compared to 46 per cent in the late s. However since there is no guarantee that the existing housing stock which includes fairly old houses will last quite this long, Baker is essentially saying that we need to build more homes, quickly other there will be an enormous housing deficit.

Figure 3 - State the main reason why MMC was chosen. MMC now representing the ushering in of a new era of technological advances and possibilities in the public eye. The firms that entered the competition as list in Table 2 were evaluated by looking at different aspects of the bid, including design, sustainability, cost, innovation, process, and health and safety. Building started in April An investigation into the use of Modern Methods of Construction MMC in UK house building 47 Construction report which was to improve the output, efficiency, quality, costs and waste.

Grand Designs a popular reality TV program highlighted a distinct difference between the views of, for example manufacturers stating that a MMC building system is to be built in a specific way and will only take a specified amount of time to erect, to a contactors understanding of skills and time needed for the erection of the same MMC structure in reality.

The amount of waste produced using MMC is likely to be reduced because factory materials can be ordered to exact specifications.

The introduction of the DfMC was about three years ago and although some of the schemes are still far from complete EP has since launched the Carbon Challenge in as a successor to DfMC to promote environmental standards. This followed the publishing of DCLG Green paper which committed the Government to executing a new energy related building regulations and set out their plans for three million new homes by These include more homes for social housing, building homes more quickly, more affordable homes and of course greener homes.

During a brief telephone conversation on 06 October Helen Stoddart of EP stated that their focus is now on building less energy-intensive and energy-hungry homes. Have EP forgotten the original aim? Greater use of factory production can reduce defects because there is less risk of weather damage during construction, and materials can more easily be standardised and tested.

However at a glance most would argue this was no more than another political stunt. After all it was a government run project and they have a lot more power to pull certain stings than say a small house building developer trying to achieve the same. In Mtech architects were asked to list in their words what would help MMC develop in the future.

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Nevertheless, the array of recent investigations into MMC by the government and industry has aroused a lot of interest in its possible advantages by leading architects, developers and contractors. It seemed appropriate to start with Murray Grove the first multi-storey modular housing scheme in the UK. This scheme designed for Peabody Housing Trust created 30 apartments targeted at young families.

Peabody: Their client Spaceover Ltd was appointed by Peabody Trust to design and install modular key worker accommodation units on this small site close to Waterloo Station. The 15 units were constructed and internally fitted out off site, whilst Clancy Docwra undertook site preparation and the installation of services.

Modern Methods of Construction

The units were delivered to site, and under the supervision of Clancy Docwra, the three storey development was installed over one week-end. The installation was completed with access stairs and balconies complemented by hard and soft landscaping. Architect Tim Pyne was refused planning permission to build a permanent structure on his land and decided to create the M- House as an alternative solution.

The interior even manages a loft-style feel with swish appliances and birch furniture. How much? It is the largest solid timber construction in the UK. MMC solid timber panels were used for its walls, roof and floors, to create a scheme of 11 flats and four business units in east London. Built on a Brownfield site in Shoreditch, London.

Case Studies - Modern methods of construction off site

The sustainable laminated softwood panels are mm thick for the walls and mm thick for the floors and roof and made from sawmill offcuts. The first panel to be craned onto site was 2.

Even the lift shaft is created from timber panels. Allford Hall worked with Wates and modular specialists Yorkon on the design and specification. The apartments are clad in zinc panels and each apartment has a balcony and private entrance. Photo 28 - Barons Place. Peabody: Barons Place, there latest development, has been built and temporary let to NHS key workers. This is because it has been uniquely designed so it could be taken apart and rebuilt somewhere else.

They have designed a house that can be delivered flat packed and assembled onsite like a puzzle. Drumchapel village is to become the first of many in the UK, the great news of that you will not have to put the house together yourself as they will send there own fitters to do this job. The BoKlok flats are mostly built of local pine and have balconies overlooking joint gardens.

The Countryside Consortium is one of the UK's leading homebuilders. The BUMA system is a light gauged steel frame, clad on the exterior with render-finished insulated OSB board or metal cladding with drained or ventilated cavity and internally lined with plasterboard. The process was tightly controlled through a process map and supplier partnering arrangement which Wimpey alleged delivered major economies of scale. The homes include a pre-fabricated eco-hat. The house has a central lantern through which all soil and vent pipes pass and allows light to enter the central area of the home, so heat can be managed and make maximum use of solar gain.

The homes are designed for flexibility, allowing future bolt-on sections, balconies, study rooms and canopies. Space4 is owned by Persimmon Homes.