Needed for photosythesis

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Research Article Research Article. Open Access. Nixon , Roman Sobotka , Josef Komenda. All rights reserved. Abstract Oxygenic photosynthesis relies on accessory factors to promote the assembly and maintenance of the photosynthetic apparatus in the thylakoid membranes. Figure 1. Figure 2. Figure 3. Protein Interacting Partners of RubA.

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Figure 4. Figure 5. Figure 6. Figure 7.

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Experiment to Prove Light is Needed for Photosynthesis

Figure 8. Figure 9. Figure Assessment of Photosystem Activities and Integrities The number of active PSII in the cell was assessed by measuring the oxygen evolution rate of the complexes in the presence of the artificial electron acceptors 0. Determination of Pigment Contents The Chl content per cell was determined for five independent cultures after methanol extraction of pigments according to Ritchie Supplemental Data Supplemental Figure 1.

Footnotes www. FEBS Lett. OpenUrl CrossRef. Anderson , S. Light-activated heterotrophic growth of the cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp. PCC to high light.

Photosynthesis In Plants: The Role Of Chlorophyll In Photosynthesis

Plant 10 : 62 — Boehm , M. Investigating the early stages of photosystem II assembly in Synechocystis sp. B Biol. The ribosome-bound protein Pam68 promotes insertion of chlorophyll into the CP47 subunit of photosystem II. Plant Physiol. Calderon , R. A conserved rubredoxin is necessary for photosystem II accumulation in diverse oxygenic photoautotrophs. Chapman , D.

Photosynthesis - AQA

Effect of alkaline pH on photosynthetic water oxidation and the association of extrinsic proteins with Photosystem Two. Czarnecki , O. Post-translational control of tetrapyrrole biosynthesis in plants, algae, and cyanobacteria. Characterization of wave phenomena in the relaxation of flash-induced chlorophyll fluorescence yield in cyanobacteria. Acta : — Diner , B. Structure, dynamics, and energetics of the primary photochemistry of photosystem II of oxygenic photosynthesis. Plant Biol. PCC Fang , L. Trophic mode-dependent proteomic analysis reveals functional significance of light-independent chlorophyll synthesis in Synechocystis sp.

Plant 10 : 73 — Recent advances in understanding photosynthesis. F Res. Friso , G. In-depth analysis of the thylakoid membrane proteome of Arabidopsis thaliana chloroplasts: New proteins, new functions, and a plastid proteome database. Plant Cell 16 : — Golbeck , J. Photosystem I: The light-driven plastocyanin:ferredoxin oxidoreductase. Gomes , C. A novel type of nitric-oxide reductase: Escherichia coli flavorubredoxin. Goto , T. Functional differentiation of two analogous coproporphyrinogen III oxidases for heme and chlorophyll biosynthesis pathways in the cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp.

Plant Cell Physiol. Guo , J. Proteomics 13 : — Hasunuma , T. Temperature enhanced succinate production concurrent with increased central metabolism turnover in the cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp. Hedtke , B. Plant Mol. Hollingshead , S. Conserved chloroplast open-reading frame ycf54 is required for activity of the magnesium protoporphyrin monomethylester oxidative cyclase in Synechocystis PCC The Trypanosoma brucei Tb Hrg protein is a heme transporter involved in the regulation of stage-specific morphological transitions.

Ishihara , S. Iyer , R. High-resolution crystal structures of Desulfovibrio vulgaris Hildenborough nigerythrin: Facile, redox-dependent iron movement, domain interface variability, and peroxidase activity in the rubrerythrins. Jansson , S. An Arabidopsis thaliana protein homologous to cyanobacterial high-light-inducible proteins. Nucleic Acids Res.

Klughammer , C. Saturation pulse method for assessment of energy conversion in PS I. PAM Appl. Notes 1 : 11 — Discovery of a chlorophyll binding protein complex involved in the early steps of photosystem II assembly in Synechocystis. Plant Cell 26 : — CyanoP is involved in the early steps of photosystem II assembly in the cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp.

Komenda , J. Role of two forms of the D1 protein in the recovery from photoinhibition of photosystem II in the cyanobacterium Synechococcus PCC OpenUrl PubMed. Comparison of psbO and psbH deletion mutants of Synechocystis PCC indicates that degradation of D1 protein is regulated by the QB site and dependent on protein synthesis. Biochemistry 34 : — Accumulation of the D2 protein is a key regulatory step for assembly of the photosystem II reaction center complex in Synechocystis PCC The FtsH protease slr is important for quality control of photosystem II in the thylakoid membrane of Synechocystis sp.

Assembling and maintaining the photosystem II complex in chloroplasts and cyanobacteria.


Long-term acclimation of the cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp. PCC to high light is accompanied by an enhanced production of chlorophyll that is preferentially channeled to trimeric photosystem I. Inhibition of chlorophyll biosynthesis at the protochlorophyllide reduction step results in the parallel depletion of photosystem I and photosystem II in the cyanobacterium Synechocystis PCC Planta : — Porphyrin binding to Gun4 protein, facilitated by a flexible loop, controls metabolite flow through the chlorophyll biosynthetic pathway.

Condition Required for Photosynthesis

Lack of phosphatidylglycerol inhibits chlorophyll biosynthesis at multiple sites and limits chlorophyllide reutilization in Synechocystis sp. Kopf , M. Comparative analysis of the primary transcriptome of Synechocystis sp. DNA Res. PsaD is required for the stable binding of PsaC to the photosystem I core protein of Synechococcus sp.

Biochemistry 30 : — Metz , J. Evidence for a dual function of the herbicide-binding D1 protein in photosystem II. Meurer , J. A nuclear-encoded protein of prokaryotic origin is essential for the stability of photosystem II in Arabidopsis thaliana. EMBO J. Detection and quantification of heme and chlorophyll precursors using a high performance liquid chromatography HPLC system equipped with two fluorescence detectors. Bio Protoc. Have children sketch pictures of the two plants over several weeks and make notes regarding their observations.

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