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Language Acquisition

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B.F. Skinner

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1. What is Behaviorism?

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No notes for slide. Who is Chomsky? Between the ages 3 to 10 a child is the most likely to learn a language in its entirety and grasp fluency. During one stage, a child will make things plural that are already plural. Who is Skinner?

Bf skinner language acquisition theory essay

Skinner March 20, — August 18, was an American psychologist, behaviorist, author, inventor, and social philosopher. Children who have not acquired language by the age of about seven will never entirely catch up. Learning process involving the shaping of grammar into a correct form by the re-enforcement of other stimulus. Introduction to Psycholinguists: Understanding Language Science.

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Crucial differences between a behaviourist and a nativist view of first language acquisition. Verbal Behavior.

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I have to explain other grammar aspect to him, and he learns these aspects through communication with environment. On the other hand the psychologist B. Skinner is sure that children have to learn native language grammar, and they get knowledge through the experience of communication. Children learn the rules of their native language on the basis of what they hear.

The case of a girl named Genie confirms his theory. Her social isolation continued from the age of eighteen months to the age of thirteen years, so her resulting native language skills were very poor. While Chomsky insists that people have an inborn feeling of native language, Skinner is sure that they acquire this feeling in the process of communication and cognition of language. Although we see different views of one topic, we can conclude that both theories make valid points, and that they complement each other.

It means, successful language acquisition is result from the knowledge of the grammar and the acquisition of the grammar through communication with environment.

Comparing Theories of Language Acquisition and Language | Cram

Scientific interest in the topic of language acquisition shows its importance. What will help us to improve our language possibilities? What period is most opportune for language acquisition? Scientists have tried to give answers to these questions because language has a very important role during all our life.