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One time I was playing with my friends at Clarkson park and I got hurt by face planting into the wood chips and got a huge cut on my leg and my friends helped me out by taking me to my dad. I am thankful for food. One time I was very hungry and my dad made me a ham and cheese sandwich and when he finished making it he gave it to me I ate it as fast as I could because I was so hungry.

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Do you have anything that you are thankful for? Thankful Thanksgiving By. James was a Canadian-American he invented the sport basketball in He was born on November 6, I am thankful for James because one time I was grounded and I did not know what to do and then I thought of playing basketball by myself. If James did not make basketball then I would not play outside and my life would be roined. Stanley is four different kinds of breeds. We got Stanley on July 1, I am thankful for Stanley because when I am lonely he play with me.

One time nobody was home to play with and guess what he did? He started to bite me and I shoved him over. He was just playing and I won the fight of course because I am strong and he is not. She makes sure that I have healthy food and a warm bed. She also takes me to the dentist and the doctor when I am hurt. One time on Halloween I got double bounced on the tramp and I sprained my knee.

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The next day my mom took me to the doctors to check my knee. As it turned out, I could not go trick or treating because I sprained my knee. I am thankful for many things but I kind of think I should tell you my first three. The first one is I am thankful for my family, sports, and being healthy.

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One time I got lost in a store and my brother found me. Heres the whole story. So first I was walking. Then I saw something entertaining and I looked at it for a long time. Soon they left without me. Thats how it all folds together. Then I went to the wrong aisle and could not see them and I got lost. But just then Bruce my brother found me. It was great because we were almost about to leave. Next I am thankful for sports.

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When I am bored I have something to do. Also they make a great workout too. Because once on TV when I watch baseball I see all of the players are slim.

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That means all the people are doing good by staying slim. Also another time I was playing baseball I hit a home run. It was almost like a grand slam. That is when a person hits a homerun and the bases are loaded and nobody gets out.

Thats a grand slam. I thankful that I can play sports. Last I am thankful for is my health. I am young and have good health. Sometimes I want to play sports and when I do you have to be healthy and coordinated to play. Being in good health means that I can do things that I want to do. They all mean something to me. What I am thankful for. Also my family love me. They are nice to me to.

I'm thankful to have shelter to because some people are homeless. It keeps me safe and keeps me warm in the winter. Another reason is they sometime take me to restaurants. They also get me toys. Next, they help me with homework and they help me practice for sports like baseball and basketball. Lastly, they take me to my practices and games for sports.

One time, I wanted a new baseball bat for my birthday and my parents got it for me. Food has calcium which keeps you going during the day. If you have a house you will be cold in the night. Houses keep you warm in the winter and cold in the summer. One time, I was so cold I ran inside and I was warm again. Be thankful and other people will appreciate you.

So what are you thankful for? What I am thankful for By: Camdyn H. What are you thankful for? I am thankful for my family, my best friend Olivia, and my dog Charlie.

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The first thing that I am thankful for is my best friend Olivia. She is the feathers on a turkey to me. For example, one time when someone hurt my feelings she cheered me up by telling me that she got so mad her brother she drew a bright yellow mustache on him. Another thing that I am thankful for is my family. I am so thankful for my family because they are so caring.

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Like one time when I had the flu they gave me soup, medicine, and all the other things that you need when you are sick. The last thing that I am thankful for is I am thankful for my dog Charlie.

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I am thankful for my dog because he is like my second best friend. Also he is very loving to other people. I am so thankful for my family, my dog Charlie, and my best friend Olivia. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. By: Luciana B. I am thankful for my brother, my friends and my shelter. When I come home his bright happy spirit welcomes me home. I love my brother! I get on the bus two stops before her. Brooklyn is the best friend anyone could ever have.

That is why I am thankful for Brooklynn. The last thing that I am thankful for is my shelter. I am so thankful because some families don't have shelter. For example I was passing King Soopers and there was a whole family sitting in the patch of grass. Every Thanksgiving we honor the things we are thankful for.

What started in and was a celebration with indians and still goes today. I'm thankful for my family because there nice to me. One time my sister and me were playing the bullet game. The bullet game is when the bullets are the money and you have shops. Also you can sell things like legos, clothing and hats.