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It will also tell you about interesting connections, theories, explanations and methods that people have used in the past to answer questions related to yours. Science always builds on the work of others, and it ensures that our theories are constantly improved and refined. It is important to acknowledge the work of the people upon whose work your theory relies in the form of referencing. It is also vital to communicate your findings so that future scientists can use use your work as a basis for future research.

Your background research will help you identify the factors that influence your question.

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Factors that might change during the experiment are called variables. Different types of variables are given special names.

Below is a list of some important variable types:. Example : In this investigation, variables might include: the amount of sunshine, the types of soil in which the tomatoes are growing, the water available to each of the plants, etc.

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To which variable type does each factor belong? Write down a statement or prediction as to what you think will be the outcome or result of your investigation. This is your hypothesis. The hypothesis should:. Example : During your background research you would have learnt that tomatoes need sunshine to make food through photosynthesis. You may predict that plants that get more sun will make more food and grow bigger. In this case your hypothesis would be: I think that the more sunlight a tomato plant receives, the larger the tomatoes will grow'.

A scientific investigation does not aim to prove a particular event occurs or a particular relationship exists. Observation: The first step I did was look at a picture and make an observation. Ask a question: The second strep was to ask a question while observing the picture.

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A heavily influential concept in society. While popper has had an enormous influence on science his philosophy is heavily misunderstood. But he faces the problem of wholsm- the theory or hypothesis has observational…. Scientific Method The scientific method is a systematic, organized series of steps that ensures maximum objectivity and consistency in researching a problem. Step 1 — Define the problem: Clearly state what you hope to investigate.

Develop an operational definition, which is an explanation of an abstract concept that is specific enough to allow a researcher to assess the concept. Step 2 — Review the literature: Researchers refine the problem under study, clarify possible techniques to…. The Scientific Method The scientific method includes six steps, which include: observation, ask a question, forming a hypothesis, predicting the outcome, the conclusion, and the results. The six steps of the scientific method go hand in hand with one another.

The observation step is when you observe that something is happening, or that there is a noticeable event that is being witnessed. The question step is when one must really figure out what the question at hand is; it explains the observation…. W The film focuses on a female scientists Ellie who believed in science pursuing scientific answers, in the story she firmly believed that there is life on other planets.

But when she tried to prove herself what she saw and heard after she woke up, she could not find…. LG is a 35 year old woman who came into the emergency room with numerous of symptoms. She had stiff muscles and has shortness of breath. LG was also sweaty…. Formal Logic 3. First the car did not start even though it was working fine the previous day. Edmund, The scientific method is the process of asking and answering a specific question by performing experiment and observing the results obtained.

It involves a series of steps that go from identifying a problem to a conclusion and, therefore, the publishing of the work to the scientific community around the world. This process includes the following steps:. Gather information, which consist in researching about the topic. Find relevant information about the theme being investigating. Develop a hypothesis, which is an educated guess or prediction of what the researcher thinks might happen.

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Record and analyze data to see if the hypothesis was right or wrong. If your hypothesis is wrong, the researcher has to go back the process and restate the hypothesis. When the hypothesis is right the scientist draw conclusions and then publishes his work. Science Buddies, Without a question to answer there is no need to develop a hypothesis or develop an investigation.

The research question, the problem observed is the base. The researcher questions himself why a phenomenon occurs. From this, the other steps in the scientific method develop.

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Science Stuff, When gathering information, observation is fundamental. Observation includes the use of the five senses to collect data.

Six Steps of the Scientific Method

In this step it is important to record the information that is relevant to the investigation. It also includes research about the topic. The hypothesis is an explanation of why the phenomenon occurs; it is the educated guess. The hypothesis can be conceived as a prediction of what the scientist expects it is going to happen.

The experiment is the step where scientists perform their tests and observe everything and figures out if the experimentation is going as they planned. In this step, different factors play important roles.

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These factors or variables are of great relevance in experiments. The variables can be independent, dependent, constants, and control.

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The independent variable is the factor that changes throughout the experiment. The dependent variable is the one that is being measured. In other words, the dependent variable could be the impact of the antibiotic on the bacteria. An independent variable is the presumed cause, whereas the dependent variable is the presumed effect.