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The underlying question is the same — Tell us your life plans and why you being part of our MBA cohort is good for your plans as well as worthwhile for the school. Provide as much detail as possible down to stating a particular company or position.

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What do I do? But it is absolutely important to be authentic. Your essay could then elaborate why you have a passion for innovation in client channels and how becoming a country head would help drive it in your country etc. Instead, link your current and past skill sets and experience with what you plan to do during and after your MBA for your goals.

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  • Even if you are looking for a complete career change, it is possible to align what you have done thus far with your future goals. I wish to bring my experience with imeplementing such ground level innovation to revolutize the way banks approach financial payments penetration for retail customers.


    Of course, lets not forget that we are answering a MBA question. Short term Vs Long term — It is a journey towards your long term goal and the short term goal ideally leads towards the longer vision.

    Sample Goals Essay Questions. Despite the differences, these questions ask essentially the same thing: what are your career goals and how will an MBA help you accomplish them?

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    The best answers explain how an MBA will bridge your personal and professional experience with your career goals:. Another possibility includes changes in the economy or a particular industry that enable your goals. Many MBA programs offer the same things classes, internships, connections, consulting projects, etc.

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    • There are also personal or emotional reasons for choosing an MBA program. More about that here.

      Be SMART about your goals

      Deciding how much detail to include especially regarding your career background is challenging. In general, the closer you are to your MBA, the more detail you need, as shown in the following diagram. The upper triangle represents your focused progress towards your goals and your MBA by detailing your most recent professional accomplishments.