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In our society, the higher officials, doctors, engineers are respected by all. They are respected for their education. So it can be concluded that the importance of education in our life is immense and we all need to earn it to get success in our life. It is said that education is the key to success. Human life is full of challenges. Education reduces the stress and challenges of our life. Generally, education is a process of gaining knowledge. The knowledge a person gets through education helps him in coping with the challenges in his life. It opens the various ways of life that have been draped earlier.

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The importance of education in life is immense. It strengthens the base of a society. Education plays a vital role in removing superstition from society. A child involves in the process of education from his tender age. A mother teaches her child how to speak, how to walk, how to eat etc. It is also a part of education. Gradually the child is admitted in school and starts to earn formal education. In our country, the government provides free education to students up to secondary level.

Thus our government is trying to conduct different awareness programs in different remote areas of the country and trying to make the people aware about the importance of education. Introduction to importance of education essay: — Education is an essential ornament that can lead us to success.

Generally, the term education means a process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, especially at a school or college.

According to Prof. Herman H. The importance of education in our life is immense. In this modern world, all who have attained success are well educated. Types of Education: — Mainly there are three types of education; formal, informal and non-formal education. Formal education is earned from school, colleges or universities. A child gets admitted in kinder garden and gradually he goes through secondary, higher secondary, university and earns formal education in his life. Formal education follows the specific syllabus and it is also entitled with certain sets of specific rules and regulations.

Informal education can be earned throughout our life. For example, our parents teach us how to cook food, how to ride a bicycle. We earn informal education as our lives go on. Another type of education is non-formal education.

2. Essay on Importance of Education in Life

Non-formal education is a type of education that occurs outside the formal school system. Non-formal education is often used interchangeably with terms such as community education, adult education, continuing education, and second-chance education. Importance of education: — Education is important in every sphere of life. Education is important for the socio-economic development of a nation.

Education opens our mind and shows us different paths of success and prosperity. Life brings to us different challenges. But education helps us in dealing with those challenges. Education also removes different social evils like superstitions , child marriage, dowry system etc.

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Conclusion: — According to Nelson Mandela Education is the most powerful weapon which can be used to change the world. Yes, education helps in the rapid development of the world.

Importance of education in our life

Human civilization has developed a lot only because of the growth of literacy rate. It also improves the standard of living. Education always plays a significant role in nation building. Education is a form of learning in which knowledge, skills, and habits are transferred from one generation to another. Education is important for all-round development of human being like personal, social and economic development of the nation. Talking on importance of education in our life, we must say that it improves our personal lives and helps societies to run smoothly by protecting ourselves from harmful events.

There are mainly three types of education, namely, Formal education, Informal education, and Non-formal education. Formal Education — Formal education is basically a process of learning where a person learns basic, academic or trade skills. Formal education or formal learning begins at the elementary level and it continues till college or university level.

It comes under a certain set of rules and regulations and it may grant a formal degree after completion of the course. It is given by specially qualified teachers and under strict discipline.

The Importance Of Education - Importance Of Education

And the best tool available for teachers is social media itself. Only by being open-minded and using the technology themselves will they be able to really reach out to students. As the above statement emphasizes, students also react very positively when a teacher is willing to use their methods and adapt them as part of the educational process. And it makes perfect sense since a homework has a certain strictness about it, but an online chat discussing a certain book gives students the ability to open up and share their opinions.

Daring Teachers Of course, the examples of teachers already implementing social media in classes are far numerous that we can know of, however, there are a few that did such a great job that their students almost made them viral. For example, a biology teacher from Bergen County proposed a challenge to his students. They had to debate over the subject of meiosis on Twitter by using a specific hashtag.

Importance of Education? Essay on Education

This is a great opportunity for students to have fun and learn at the same time. As you need to know your meiosis in order to compress it into characters. Professor Dawson really has a valid point there as history showed us all that, no matter how strong the resistance, technological progress and new trends will eventually become a standard. Of course, this applies to developed countries that already have a well-structured traditional educational system.

A nation can never grow without education. Society can survive if it provides its youth option for education, better employment, and a pleasant liveliness. A well-educated community can shape the functioning of governances and economy. Because it is just the education that helps one to understand the policies. After parents, schools deliver the education to children to improve their knowledge and skills. They are taught the sense of wrong and write, consideration for others, fair play and honesty that matters in citizenship, upholding the laws, co-operation, etc.

Hence, education makes them a good citizen. Cultures are mainly dispatches by social foundations and education has a leading role in radiating the cultures or social heritage. A cultured person is the outcome of a robust education system. Because, people from all region, cast and backgrounds gather to collect knowledge. Thus, education is the primary thing that brings its youth together and forms a unique bonding between them. Educated society people are open-minded and do not prefer to judge others. Professionals such as doctors, engineers, etc. A sound educational system works for the good of the country.

A country mainly is judge by its economy and education system. A nation is growing day by day just because of its technology and education. Educated people know why to vote for a party to bring a positive resolution to the development of the country. Pathetic plight of a country obstructs its progress and development.

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  6. Thus, education is must to boost economic growth and increase income. A quality education gives many pharmacists and doctors to a nation.

    Importance Of Education Essay - Why is Education So Important?

    Therefore, the citizens of a nation live healthy and happy. The blend of ideas and techniques given by educated people brings invention and industrial development. And also, educated people can work with them. As a result, the country is known as more powerful and achieve significant fame in advancement. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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