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Contemporary leaders may exercise authority as an attribute of position only. Unfortunately, this Machiavellian thesis can be applied to the war in Iraq and other military operations and reflects the political position of the US in this conflict Guttieri, n. Machiavelli analyzes advantages and threats of power, and advices the Prince to be watchful about possible threats threaten his power and the reins of government. This statement can be partially applied to a contemporary leader.

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Supremely, a new leader should not change everything in order to maintain his power and strict control under the followers population. New rules can be implement only if the old law does not satisfy the needs of the society.

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In all times, people have been looking for leaders who are willing to give it all they have. That is when a leader has to be sure that what he is doing is right so that he will keep going. The effective leader acquires a vision of the future, trust which helps him to judge what is right, creativity which helps to foresee and overcome difficulties, open-mindedness, good communication skills, etc.

Being a leader is not a position, but a function. The dogmas have not been changed, but our interpretation of them and our understanding of the political process differ greatly from Middle Ages. Guttieri, K. Post-Saddam Iraq: What would Machiavelli advise? Truman Talley Books.

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Machiavelli, N. The Prince. Bantam Classics, Please, fill the correct e-mail. It was written in Florence, Italy, but published only in This work is a kind of a textbook for those who want to maintain power and gain control. At the beginning of the 21 st century, recommendations and pieces of advice given 5 centuries ago are still of vital importance, because the qualities of a leader are universal and cannot be influence by regime, freedom of rights or political situation.

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Works Cited Guttieri, K. Other Free Papers from this subject:. For colored girls who have considered suicide. Hamlet character analysis.


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Rather, he seeks, from historical study and practical observation, to identify timeless verities of human social behavior and to distill these into a set of maxims, aphorisms, and precepts that may help the prince survive in a treacherous world. He mines the rich history of classical Greece and Rome, as well as the more recent turbulence of the Italian city states, for examples of successful and failed political leadership.

His motivation for writing this primer is not only the edification of his readers but his own political rehabilitation. And yet The Prince cannot be dismissed as a work of political opportunism. By identifying the fundamental realities and cardinal rules of politics, he believed he could help create a state—preferably a republic—that was both internally stable and just and capable of defending itself from external aggression.

Returning the Florentine state to glory would require a prince who possessed and cultivated within his citizenry those pre-Christian faculties prized by great men in the ancient world, including strength, skill, courage, loyalty, honor, civic sense and public-spiritedness. At the dark heart of The Prince is an unsparing and unsentimental view of human nature.

The Strategy of Machiavelli

Instead of being a saint in a world of sinners, the prince must cultivate power and ruthlessly crush enemies, unafraid to be judged as wicked and unscrupulous. Drawing on examples from the Roman emperor Caracalla to the Florentine Cesare Borgia, Machiavelli offers advice for any would-be prince. First and most fundamentally, do whatever is necessary to preserve your power and secure your state. Beware of causing another to become powerful, or of joining forces with a more powerful state, for you will only bring ruin on yourself.

Machiavelli the prince thesis statement

Keep the state on a perpetual war footing and maintain sufficient arms and soldiers to secure your realm from outside aggressors and internal rivals. Ignore just war theory. Third, use deception as a central element of your statecraft. Mask your true intentions, and remain faithful to pledges only so long as they are in your interest. Remember that others will be false to you, unless you ensure that their falsehoods do not pay. Beware of surrounding yourself with powerful subordinates. Keep your own counsel and listen to only a few advisors. Eliminate victorious generals and keep nobles weak and divided.

Finally, employ both cruelty and kindness, as the situation warrants, recognizing that it is better to be feared than loved by your subjects, if you cannot be both.

When meting out an injury, do it abruptly and severely, to prevent retaliation.