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Like Jenn, I use Weaver which is extremely customizable. I made some changes after studying your site. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery you know. Videos would be nice Jenn. Love the new look Pamela, i wonder if any of the design features of Prose will be added to some of the other themes? I just moved my WordPress. Prose was mostly easy to customize. There are a few technical details that I have failed to conquer, so far. Hi Pamela, Love it. I better get on it….

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Brian mentioned they are releasing the 2. Any idea? Great job again Pam…. Thanks, Andrea! That seems to be the way they do things over there! I think your site looks brilliant, Pamela. I love that Prose allows you to control almost everything about the way the page is presented. That is actually the theme I chose for my own site but I had a really hard time trying to make it wider.

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I started dabbling with the CSS for the header, then the wrap, then the footer, then I realized all the content inside was fixed on the same place and even though I could have practically destroyed the whole code or with some luck managed to make it look like I wanted …. I really enjoyed your review and I wished I watched your video before I was doing all my tweakings by trial and error lol. This is one of the big weaknesses of the current version of Prose.

But even with the formula, it takes some work. It will be worth waiting for! Pamela Wilson.

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Check out my free workshops. Pick your topic and start watching now:. How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Ways Prose features design controls for all the little details I love to get my hands on. Here are the reasons I love Prose: 1. Unique headers are a piece of cake One super-fast way to customize your site is by adding a graphic along the top rather than a simple line of type. Custom backgrounds are a snap Want to add a color to your background? Design controls made for control freaks Prose comes equipped with a full page of design controls.

Sidebars made easy-peasy Sidebars are easy to snap together with Prose, too. Right now, Prose comes in one size. This ended up being less of an issue than I anticipated, but I know many people will want to be able to make their sites wider or narrower than the standard size. I understand this is complex, and not easy.

But I still want it, and I know others do, too.

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Controls to make the sidebar font different from the content font. Why is this important to me? A one-click way to move your navigation bar below your header. But it would be nice to make the change with one click. A one-step way to upload your favicon image. In order to get your favicon loaded up in Prose, you have to access your site through FTP software.