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He is also involved in a number of collaborative projects involving national and international collaborators Germany, Netherlands, Australia, China and Scotland.

PhD Opportunity: CCRC (UNSW) - Australian Meteorological & Oceanographic Society

His research projects include:. Parrish, J. New frontiers for biofabrication and bioreactor design in microphysiological system development.

Trends in Biotechnology. Advance online publication. Klotz, B. A versatile biosynthetic hydrogel platform for engineering of tissue analogues. Advanced Healthcare Materials. Mutreja, I. Biofilm inhibition via delivery of novel methylthioadenosine nucleosidase inhibitors from PVA-tyramine hydrogels while supporting mesenchymal stromal cell viability.

Lim, K. Visible light cross-linking of gelatin hydrogels offers an enhanced cell microenvironment with improved light penetration depth. Macromolecular Bioscience , 19 6 , Microchannels in development, survival, and vascularisation of tissue analogues for regenerative medicine. Atienza Roca, P.

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Growth factor delivery systems for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. Chun, C. Kwon Eds. Singapore: Springer. Biosynthetic hydrogels for cell encapsulation. Li, Y. Cooper-White Eds. Berlin, Germany: Springer. Woodfield, T. Biofabrication in tissue engineering.

Ducheyne, D. Grainger, K. Healy, D.

Journal articles

Kirkpatrick Eds. Amsterdam, The Netherlands: Elsevier. Ramaswamy, Y. Stem cells for bone regeneration: Role of trophic factors. Zorzi Ed. Rijeka, Croatia: Intech.

Soltani, S. Spontaneous spinal epidural haematomas in children. European Spine Journal. Nugent, M.

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Does tranexamic acid reduce knee swelling and improve early function following arthroscopic meniscectomy? A double-blind randomized controlled trial. Orthopaedic Journal of Sports Medicine , 7 8 , Cidonio, G. Osteogenic and angiogenic tissue formation in high fidelity nanocomposite Laponite-gelatin bioinks.

This one-day event showcases the innovative and cutting-edge research our students are achieving right now. The day features student presentations, plus a range of research posters are exhibited. All staff and students are welcome!

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Lunch and refreshments will be provided. Her research focuses on the cognitive mechanisms that underlie forensic science expertise She is interested in how professionals within the criminal justice system, such as fingerprint examiners, learn and make decisions and how this contributes to their work. Dr Lydia Hayward Lydia is a postdoctoral researcher whose work lies at the intersection of social and health psychology. Her research explores the causes and consequences of prejudice. She investigates how positive contact with people from stigmatized groups can reduce prejudice i.

Her work also investigates how experiencing stigma is harmful for members of stigmatized groups. For example, people who are overweight or obese face frequent stigma and discrimination because of their weight, and this is associated with poorer psychological well-being and reduced motivation to engage in health behaviours like eating healthy and exercising. Branka Spehar and Dr. Mark Schira. Before starting her PhD she completed a Bachelor of Science, majoring in neuroscience, and was also a research assistant. Her PhD project uses psychophysics and fMRI to broadly investigate the aesthetic appreciation and visual processing of natural scenes.

She has presented her work at both domestic and international conferences. Kimonis, Ph. She received her Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees in Applied Developmental Psychology from the University of New Orleans, with a specialization in developmental psychopathology and forensic psychology. Dr Kimonis' program of research focuses on the development, assessment, and treatment of callous-unemotional traits and aggressive behaviour in youth. Her research has been published in top peer-reviewed journals in the fields of clinical, developmental, and forensic psychology, and she has authored several book chapters on antisocial behaviour in youth.

She is the recipient of the Fulbright Scholar Grant from the J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board to improve the identification of Cypriot youth at risk for severe behaviour problems to implement evidence-based interventions, and the Early Career Contributions Award from the Society for the Scientific Study of Psychopathy. Dr Kimonis is an experienced provider of parent management training interventions, and specifically Parent-Child Interaction Therapy PCIT for young children with disruptive behaviours.

Annual Postgraduate Conference

She has adapted PCIT to target the unique deficits of antisocial children with callous-unemotional traits. Their work involves the creation and development of psychology courses and course materials, research into higher education learning and teaching practices, and providing critical teaching support for academics within the school. As part of the Refugee Trauma and Recovery Program, her research focuses on psychological mechanisms that may underlie the mental health of refugees and asylum seekers.

Specifically, she is investigating the effects of control and emotion regulation on psychological symptoms in this population. Dr Jessica Lee Jessica is a postdoctoral research fellow working in the area of human learning and cognition. Her research focuses on understanding the mechanisms behind how we learn associations between stimuli and outcomes, and how we generalise that learning to novel situations. Dr Sophie Li Sophie is a clinical psychologist, translational neuroscientist and the mother of two young boys.

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Her research aims to determine the association between sex hormones and the neural, behavioural and cognitive mechanisms that underlie anxiety- e. She specializes in the treatment of anxiety and fatigue disorders and has extensive experience in delivering exposure-based treatments to people with arachnophobia. Her work is focused on people who have traumatic brain injuries. She does research to examine emotional and social disorders following brain injury and how to assess and treat them.

Moyra has developed a strong international research profile in the fields of dementia, neuropsychiatric symptoms, neuroimaging and epidemiology. Her research looks at how we can use the internet, smartphones, and virtual reality in the treatment of anxiety and depression. In this research project, she is testing whether we can use a brief one-session virtual reality exposure therapy intervention to treat phobias e.

She is also conducting research to explore how we can improve access to psychological treatment by using the internet and smartphones to deliver therapy. Using this approach, we can help people access affordable, high quality mental health care, regardless of where they live, or their financial circumstances.

Vera Newman Vera is a PhD candidate investigating how stress impacts on cognitive ability, and how we might be able to harness specific strategies to mitigate this effect. She is particularly interested in how we can apply knowledge from the behavioural sciences to societal and policy issues, thereby enabling individuals to make informed and agentic decisions.