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It gives future for people, a good future. If you are a smart person, it will give you a job with high wages, so you can live safely and take care of your family.

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In this paper we will discuss interesting facts about America. Also, we will talk about freedom in this country and dreams of people that come true in the USA. Read this paper and make orders. There is more than one official language in America. The reason is that it is multiethnic country.

The folk speaks here in English, Spanish, French, and Hawaiian. This country was founded by immigrants.

What it means to be an American Essay

It influenced greatly the policy, culture, and economy of America. For instance, a huge amount of Italians and Irishmen live in New York. If you need an article on how America was established, you can pay us to write paper at an early date. People differently react on case-law. It was established in America long ago. For example, in it was adopted the law according to which no one should add any of uneatable things to foods.

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For this reason, there is no Kinder Surprise in America a chocolate egg with a toy inside. The total amount of money that one has to pay for studying in college per one year is for about 27 thousand dollars. Most students use credits to pay for studying. There is a very good education in the USA. People in America when give or buy flowers pick an even number. In other countries there are different traditions according to it.

If you need someone to type an essay like a pro , you can rely on us. Till a quarter of all workers worked on factories. It comes out of US. In this mark was put on casks with meat for American army. This is the part of Uncle Sam story. In the USA anyone can easily return any bought good.

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On US dollar bank note one may see the picture of Benjamin Franklin. Not everyone knows but this person never was a President of the USA. If somebody looks at our planet from outer space, Las Vegas would be the brightest spot. It happened because in Philadelphia were located all administrative settings.

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  • There has never been an American tragedy. There have only been great failures. What does it mean to be educationally successful? Through more education you can and will train yourself toward possibility and success. A college education can empower you in so many ways such as different job and professions. According to April a Category Management…. What is an American? Americans love and take pride in their country. Also, Americans have endless opportunities and resources to succeed in life, while still having the freedom to believe what they want and to lead their own lives.

    Great strides in understanding the development of modern human beings are currently being taken at the very southern tip of Africa. While much of the press attention over the past few decades has been on the scholarly debate on whether humans evolved once in Africa, universally known as the "Out of Africa" theory, or several times all over the world, the "multiregional hypothesis"….

    What if anything, are the common characteristics and values of the American people? Support your choice with facts, evidence, reason and logic In my opinion, an American is a mixed race and is not delineated by a particular skin color. An American is also free to believe in no religion. Being an American is a multifaceted endeavor with both individual and group implications. Americans are fragmented…. Social Psychology What it Means: Examples Your name here Date you turn in School you are attending Course name and number Instructor: Instructor's name Social Psychology What it Means: Examples Social psychology looks at how human behavior is influenced by others and the social context in which it occurs or understanding individual behavior within the social context McLeod, It is a hybrid discipline merging other aspects of psychology into one; a melding….

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    Both definitions are technically correct,…. How would you define an American? We do not all look alike, we do not all support the same belief system, what are we? Americans have always been hardworking. American didn't just magically appear one day in the past, people had to work to build Her into something. Early Americans were very hardworking and determined to make American what She is today. Login Join. Home Page What it means to be an American Essay. What it means to be an American Essay Submitted By zmason Open Document.